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 Grelly '23 

Self-supported Offroad bikepacking 


Grelly '23

Self-supported Offroad Bikepacking Adventure

Choose your own challenge:

    - 4 days: 425 up to 830km, Start: Bierbeek, Belgium

    - 3 days: 300 or 500 km, Start & Finish: Eupen, Belgium

August  17th -  August 20th, 2023

Gravel or MTB

Open for Solo-riders and Duo's

Max 75 participants (We do not limit the amount of female riders!)

The Route

Belgium is often an undervalued country/region when it comes to cycling. It is mostly known for the regions where the professional cyclists compete for the podium ( Tour of Flanders, La Doyenne, ... you name it ). 

We like those regions as well however, there is much more to discover in this little country !  Every edition we let you discover a different area in or close to Belgium and for the '23 edition, we decided to explore the Eastern part of our country and cross the border with Luxembourg and Germany. 

We will provide several route options this year with 2 options between Bierbeek and Eupen and from there a loop of 300 or 500km. First to the Three Country Point (BE/LU/DE) before crossing Luxembourg  and returning to Eupen through the German Eifel. 

We aim to maximize the amount of unpaved pleasure: not too technical but certainly not boring ! 

GG23 track overview.JPG

Self-Supported !

The Grelly '23 is not a stage race, the clock never stops. 

Riders must therefore strategically choose how much time they spend on riding, resting, and refueling each day.

Being self-supported means that: 

- receiving any form of support from friends or family is not allowed,

- all food, accommodation, repairs, etc., must be purchased from commercial sources,

- drafting is not allowed, except between riders in duo.



Comfort vs. lightweight? Your choice ! Everybody will have his own strategy and each strategy will have it's benefits.


Bivy bag with a limited amount of sleep?  Tent and a romantic campfire diner?  Or maybe just a spare T-shirt, shorts and a restaurant/hotel of your choice along the way?


Choose whatever fits you most and enjoy your time out there, we are looking forward to hear your story !

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