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* GG '22 *

Self-supported Offroad bikepacking adventure 


GG '22

Self-supported Offroad Bikepacking Adventure

750 km - 13000 hm - 5 days to complete


September  10th -  September 14th 2022


Start & Finish: Bierbeek, Belgium

Gravel or MTB

Open for Solo-riders and Duo's

Max 75 participants (We do not limit the amount of female riders!)

The Route

Belgium is often an undervalued country/region when it comes to cycling. It is mostly known for the regions where the professional cyclists compete for the podium ( Tour of Flanders, La Doyenne, ... you name it ). 

We like those regions as well however, there is much more to discover in this little country !  The GG '22-track guides you along known and less-known places in the Southern half of Belgium, passing several provinces and touching/crossing the border with France. This year's edition will let you discover the beautifull nature between Chimay and Orval (Njam !)

We aim to maximize the amount of unpaved pleasure: not too technical but certainly not boring ! 

On our social media platforms, we provide updates on the final track, the highlights, our recon-rides and much more !  


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Self-Supported !

The GG '22 is not a stage race, the clock never stops. 

Riders must therefore strategically choose how much time they spend on riding, resting, and refueling each day.

Being self-supported means that: 

- receiving any form of support from friends or family is not allowed,

- all food, accommodation, repairs, etc., must be purchased from commercial sources,

- drafting is not allowed, except between riders in duo.



Comfort vs. lightweight? Your choice ! Everybody will have his own strategy and each strategy will have it's benefits.


Bivy bag with a limited amount of sleep?  Tent and a romantic campfire diner?  Or maybe just a spare T-shirt, shorts and a restaurant/hotel of your choice along the way?


Choose whatever fits you most and enjoy your time out there, we are looking forward to hear your story !

Our Partners:

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Copyright 2021: VZW Adventure Cycling

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