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Trelly '23 - "Run, Sleep, Repeat"

Grelly expands its horizon in 2023 and after a couple of nice off-road events on two wheels, we will organise in the 2nd weekend of June a long weekend voor the more adventurous (trail-)runners amongst us. Off-road, endurance, challenge, social, self-supported, fun, ... are keywords that are applicable to all our events but this time we leave the bike home and put our running shoes on! 

What is it?

Trelly is a multi-stage trail run adventure with a social twist. Over the course of 3 days you will cover a total distance of 100 km up to 100 miles. We will provide 2 or 3 options daily and after a group start, it will be up to you to pick your pace and be smart regarding your own supplies as we promote the Trelly as a self-supported event. The shortest distance will also be open for hikers.

Is it a race ? Not really … Is it a challenge? Yes, sure!

Place to be ?

The Viroinval region! The course will guide you between the Abbey of Chimay on the west side and some steep slopes just across the French border on the east side.

For logistic reasons, we opted for a single location for the 2 nights with a nice loop in between. This makes the mornings and evenings a bit more relaxed. We have chosen a camping which gives the possibility to choose between a ‘bring your own tent’ and a ‘share a bungalow’-option for a bit enhanced comfort.

What about breakfast and dinner? We’ll make that work and will depend on the number of participants.

The Course

In good tradition, the final tracks will only be shared a week prior the event. At this point they are still on the drawing table but the info below gives you a good indication of what we have in mind!

Although this might look over the limit, take in mind that there is no rush, and you have the whole day ahead of you to cover your desired distance. Also, you can choose the distance on the day itself: it’s perfectly fine to do for example 60/36/40 kms or 35/46/30 or even skip the 2nd day and join the organisers and cheer for the other participants.







Budget for the weekend

As we are a bit in the unknown regarding the number of participants and how this kind of social multi-stage running event will be welcomed, we cannot share the exact cost but just to give you an indication:

-drink in 'Den Deugniet' where you find a vast variety of drinks and food !  

  • ‘Bring your own tent’: 100€ a person (1 tent, 1 person, 2 nights)

  • 'Share a bungalow': 175€ a person ( 2 nights, bedding included )


​- Bag transfer to campground

- 1 pasta dinner

- 2 breakfasts

- Great tracks and atmosphere (we count on you !)

- Basic foodstation along the way (tbd)

NOT Included:

- 2nd dinner

- Drinks

- Extras (we haven't tought about yet)

Trelly - map.png
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