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Grelly '24

Choose between 3 or 4 days adventure, several distances possible !

4 days adventure:

- Start: Thursday, August 22nd, 2024 - 8.30 a.m.

- Finish: Sunday, August 25th, 2024 - 7 p.m.

- Place to be: Eupen, Belgium

- 450km up to 825km (13.000 M+):  pick your challenge !

3 days adventure:

- Start: Friday, August 23rd, 2024 - 8.30 a.m.

- Finish: Sunday, August 25th, 2024 - 7 p.m.

- Place to be: Eupen, Belgium

- 325km, 500km OR 700km (5 - 11.000 M+)

Goal: Choose your distance and aim to finish on Sunday between 2 and 7 p.m. We will be waiting for you !


Open for solo-riders and duo-teams

Max 125 participants. We do not limit the amount of female riders! We will keep a small waiting list.

Grelly '24 is a self-supported bikepacking event = NO outside assistance! We only allow support available for every rider (shops, hotels, restaurants, local bike shop, …) or friendly offered by a coincidental passenger.

The track of your choice will be provided 1 week in advance. This track must be followed and completed within the prescribed time limit. When, at some point during the challenge, you leave the track, you must rejoin the track at the very same point to continue. 

Recommended bikes: a gravel bike with  45mm tires or more and small gearing or a mountainbike: Comfort is more important than pure speed. NO electric bikes are allowed. Of course: No motor, no public transport - just you, your legs and your bike


The registration fee is 125 € per rider to cover all the costs. This fee includes:

- Use of a GPS-tracker (100€ deposit, reimbursed when returning the tracker),

- Free breakfast before the start of both 3 and 4 days adventure,

One food station along the route, exact location will be given before the start.

- Goodie bag (with the support of our Partners),

- Unique Grelly Cycling item

- A rider's guide with useful and detailed information,

- Chill atmosphere at the start & finish.

- ...  

Important !

The GRELLY is NOT a race - you are responsible for your own safety at all time ! Via a tracking device your actual progress will be monitored and published (so your home front, fans, friends ... can follow you) but no official ranking will be made. Follow the traffic rules at any time, be visible especially at night, wear a helmet all time !

Drafting only for 'Duo'-teams. Spontaneous/social riding, resting and camping in groups is of course allowed. 

In addition to the registration fee, you’ll need to pay a deposit of 100€ for the use of the tracker. This amount will be refunded after returning your tracker at the finish or sending it by post (in case you did not make it to the finish).

If a participant cancels his registration before July 1st 2024, he/she will receive a 50% refund. 

If the cancelation is done after July 1st, the participant will receive no refund (apart from the tracker deposit of course).


The maximum number of participants is 125 (with exception of female riders), the minimum is 25.

At all-time the organization can decide (e.g. due to governmental restrictions) to cancel the event. In that case the organization will decide if the participants that already paid, will get a full refund or will be automatically registered for the next edition.

Participating in this event is at your own responsibility. Be aware that this is a demanding multiple day sports acvitity for which we recommend to possess the following documents:

*) an Insurance Certificate, from your liability insurance
*) a recent Medical Certificate, confirming your ability to practice long-distance endurance cycling, provided by your doctor. This can be as well a valid cycling license.

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