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GS '2 4 - "La Conquista"

What do we have in mind ?

Unlike previous editions with 2 or 3 tracks in the same direction, we've revamped the concept for 2024. With Bierbeek as the central hub, up to 3 loops await conquering. These loops will go in different directions, covering various lengths and specifications – from an easy-rolling 45 km loop to a more challenging 75 km one. It's up to you to decide how many loops, which ones, and in which order you aim to conquer them. After each loop, there's a refuelling option – a food station at our base camp! Combining all 3 loops presents a challenge of around 175 km, while choosing for 2 loops gives you options between 100 and 130 km.

In short: Lots of options for a thrilling off-road biking day.
Team Grelly will select one loop and transform it into a social group ride. Afterward, you're free to continue your journey and take on another loop.

What kind of bike to bring ?

All tracks head south from the start/finish in Bierbeek and have a mix of terrains: gravel, tarmac, single tracks, some rougher surfaces, cobbles, and more. Don't expect only the super-smooth surfaces found in the Zoniënwoud or the High Fens; a cyclocross bike will be on the limit, but a gravel bike with at least 40mm tyres would be perfect. Mountainbikes are a good option for those seeking more comfort. Precise details, such as elevation gain and length of each loop, will be communicated alongside a rider's guide a few days before the start.

Practical information

  • Welcome: From 6.30 a.m. on May, 4th 2024 @ Taverne De Miester, Bierbeek

  • Finish: De Miester, Bierbeek

  • Departure for the triple loop challenge aka full monty: 6:45 a.m.

  • Departure for the double and single loop challenges: 8:30 - 9:15 a.m. 

  • Departure for the social loop: 9:00 a.m.

  • Subscription fee: 12 euro ! Including coffee/tea at the start and a free drink at the finish. 1 food station for the double loop, 2 food stations for the triple loop option!

  • Registration mandatory before May 1st, Limited to 100 riders so don't wait too long !

  • The ride is self-supported, so bring some repair tools and spare tubes in case of. You can leave a bag at the start/finish/food-station at your own risk.

  • Apart from the basic food stations at the end of each loop, you'll find some refuelling options along the way.

  • Après-drink in 'De Miester' where Jan and Yvette will provide a vast variety of drinks !  

  • After registration and payment, you will get all details and the tracks by email some days before the start. Please be so kind to cancel your registration by mail if you will not attend; no refund is possible.

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